Personalized Banking and Savings

It pays to save — earn more with high-interest rates and perks like minimal fees and low minimum balances.

Who is Fiona?

Navient is working with Fiona - the leading search, comparison, and recommendation engine to give you more options when it comes to banking and savings. Get matched with top personalized offers instantly. 

Fiona allows you to see the rates each institution offers on one easy platform as well as any fees or minimum balances. You can also see account terms and any other important information.

How to Find the Best Savings Accounts for You

Through our partnerships, Navient can help you earn money on your savings. When comparing products, look for providers with high-interest rates and low or no fees. Our marketplace will make it easy for you to find the best deal so you can start earning.

Depending on your specific needs, a money market account, a high-yield savings account, or a certificate of deposit may work for you. For more information on the differences between banking and savings products, check out our blog below.

Featured Benefits

  • Store your savings safely

  • Earn more with high-interest rates

  • FDIC-insured institutions guarantee up to $250,000 per account

  • Many require minimal fees

  • Save for long or short-term goals

How it works


Confirm your zip code, deposit amount, and select the type of product you’re looking for.


Review available interest rates and providers to see what product best fits your needs.

Close the Deal

Choose the best option based on APY, institution, or minimum, and complete the application to start reaping the benefits.

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